10/30/15 - 

Horror games apps and scary movies for your Halloween

Pumpkins are carved with faces again, shops are decorated with black cats and spiders and the horror dress-up parties are coming. This can only mean one thing: Halloween is back! Do you want to stay in the Halloween mood without going out? Buy enough candy for the little monsters and fill your evening with one of the horror games apps, scary movies or thrilling books. And the best thing is: you can buy all of these suggestions in the Google Play Store with your Google Play credit.

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9/30/15 - 

Have you been using these Google Play features yet?

New apps are added to the Google Play Store every day. Alongside the wide range of apps that Google Play offers, Google also wants you to easily navigate within the Google Play Store. That is why new features are added to the Play Store frequently. The most recently added ones are especially interesting for parents. If you like to stay up to date, we’ve summed up three of these new features for you.

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8/31/15 - 

Livestream games with Youtube Gaming

Gaming is not something you do alone. Millions of gamers use their console, computer or mobile device on a daily basis. Thanks to different multi-player options you can find many of those gamers online and share your game experience. But sometimes you do not just want to talk to fellow gamers. What do you do when you immediately want to share the progress you have made during your game? Whether it is online or offline, singleplayer or multiplayer. The answer is easy: livestream! The newest platform called YouTube Gaming, allows every gamer to easily start streaming. That includes you.

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7/16/15 - 

Six travel apps you definitely need!

It is July and that means it is (almost) time for the summer vacation. The moment many of us take the car or a plane to an exciting destination. Do you already have plans this summer? Not everyone likes the same sort of holidays. Some people prefer to lie on the beach all day, while others would rather explore the whole city. Whatever your plans may be, it is not always easy to prepare for your travels. That is why we have selected six great travel apps.

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6/25/15 - 

Buy Google Play Gift Card and use it in the Play Store

You can buy a Google Play Gift Card fast and easy online. Since 2015 you can purchase a Google Play Gift Cards at Whether you want to top up your Google Play credit with $10 or $25 dollar, within seconds you receive the ordered code on your email address. Do you have a Google Play Gift Card but can not decide what product to choose from the extensive assortment? We have some tips!

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5/28/15 - 

Stay updated: Pre-register for Play Store Apps

You were already able to pre-order movies, music and books in the Google Play Store. Google decided it was time to bring this feature to the Apps section of the Play Store too. From now on you can pre-register for Games and Apps. As soon as the Game or App has been released, you will receive a notification.

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4/29/15 - 

Did you know you could buy movies in the Google Play Store?

Do you enjoy movie nights? Putting on a movie on your big screen tv and bundling up on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn. Why just use Google Play to download your apps, music and games, when all new and well-known movies are available as well? Of course you can also purchase arthouse movies from smaller distributors with your Google Play Gift Card. Using Google Chromecast or a HDMI cable you are able to stream the movie from your mobile device or computer to your television.

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3/30/15 - 

The top 5 Android apps to start your spring!

It is the end of March, which means that spring has officially started. Lovely, waking up with the sun shining through your window. You can wear sunglasses again, go out without a jacket and enjoy the day a little more! In our opinion, this is the perfect reason to provide you with a list of Android apps so that you can enjoy spring even more.

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2/27/15 - 

How to download a Google Play app in the Play Store

When you buy or receive a Google Play Gift Card, you obviously would like to spend it. In the Google Play Store you can choose between countless apps, music, movies and books. You might already know what you would like to buy. But what happens if you have no idea how to actually buy the product? That is exactly why we wrote this news item. Find out how to download Google Play apps with your Google Play Gift Card on your computer or Android device.

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1/23/15 - 

Buy Google Play codes online

A Google Play Gift Card is a giftcard that you can use for purchases in the Google Play Store. After you have bought a Google Play Card, you will experience that it is easy to redeem your Play Card in the United States Google Play Store or on your PC. The value of your purchased Google Play Code will be added to the credit balance of your Google Wallet account. Use your new Google Play credit to buy apps, movies, music or books for your Android device.

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