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Buy Google Play codes online

A Google Play Gift Card is a giftcard that you can use for purchases in the Google Play Store. After you have bought a Google Play Card, you will experience that it is easy to redeem your Play Card in the United States Google Play Store or on your PC. The value of your purchased Google Play Code will be added to the credit balance of your Google Wallet account. Use your new Google Play credit to buy apps, movies, music or books for your Android device.

How can I buy a Google Play Gift Card?

It is very easy to order a Google Play card online at Playgiftcard.com. The only thing you have to do, is to take a few simple steps. You start by selecting a Google Play Gift Card amount. You can choose between $10, $20 en $25. Enter a valid email address, select a payment methode and check out! After we have received your payment, the Google Play Gift card code will be displayed on your screen. Moreover, we will send it to you by email.
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How to redeem Google Play Gift Card codes?

You can redeem Google Play Gift Card codes in the Google Play Store on both a computer and an Android device. If you would like to redeem the Google Play codes on your phone or tablet, go to the Google Play Store. Click the ‘redeem’ option in the menu. This will open another window, in which you can enter your code. Now click on the redeem button and your Play Store credit will be topped up. Would you rather use a computer to redeem a Google Play code? Simply go to the website playstore.google.com and login with your Google account. At the left bottom you will find the option ‘Redeem credit’. Click on it and enter the code to top up your Google Play credit. For more information visit our redeem page.

How to use Google Play credit?

Once you have redeemed your Google Play Codes, the Google Play Card purchase amount will be added to the credit balance of your Google Wallet account. You can use the credit to purchase all kinds of apps, music or movies in the Google Play Store. Remember that you can only visit the store if by using an Android device.

ATTENTION: The Google Play codes from Playgiftcard.com can only be cashed in the United States Google Play Store and Android Store.

Buy Google Play codes on Playgiftcard.com

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