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Buy Google Play Gift Card and use it in the Play Store

You can buy a Google Play Gift Card fast and easy online. Since 2015 you can purchase a Google Play Gift Cards at Playgiftcard.com. Whether you want to top up your Google Play credit with $10 or $25 dollar, within seconds you receive the ordered code on your email address. Do you have a Google Play Gift Card but can not decide what product to choose from the extensive assortment? We have some tips!

Redeem codes for Google Play

You have to redeem the Google Play Gift Card before you can use it in shop. You can redeem codes for Google Play via the website of the store or the app. With both, you have to go to the navigation menu and click on the option "Redeem". Enter the code in the pop-up screen and select ''Redeem'' again. You can immediately use it in the Google Play Store. Besides apps, you also find movies, music, magazines and books in the store. We will discuss the most popular downloads per category, to make it easier for you to choose.

Popular Play Store downloads

Everyone is different and not everyone buys only games with their Google Play credit. That is why we discuss the most popular downloads from various categories.


One of the most downloaded apps is Flightradar24 ($3.99). With this app you can turn your phone into an air traffic radar. You can find all planes that are in the air and track them real-time. Another handy app is the WeatherPro ($2,99) which gives you detailed information about weather elements such as the temperature, wind direction, air pressure and humidity.


The most popular games at this moment are Minecraft: Pocket Edition ($6,99), You Must Build A Boat ($2,99) and Hitman: Sniper ($4,99). In Minecraft you build villages and cities by placing blocks. Go on an adventure in a world filled with caves, cities and more. In You Must Build A Boat you have to - how surprising - build a boat. Find the right people, capture monsters and create the perfect boat. Do you rather want to experience what it is like to be a hitman? Download the game Hitman: Sniper. As Agent 47 you look for your targets and take them down.


Google Play downloadsThe top movie in the Play Store at this moment is Fifty Shades of Grey. The recently graduated Anastasia meets billionaire Christian Grey which leads to an unusual romance. Are you more into action and comedy? Then the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service would be more of your taste. Secret agent Harry Hart (Colin Firth) recruits Gary into an ultra competitive training to become a secret agent. Does Gary have what it takes to complete his training? You can rent all the movies for $3,99.


Play Store downloads[/img]Fast & Furious 7 hit a worldwide record in the opening weekend. The theme song See You Again from Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth is one of the most popular songs in the Play Store. Other popular songs are El Perdón from Nicky Jam & Enrique Iglesias and Want To Want Me from Jason Derulo. You can buy these songs for $1,29. The most popular album is Muse's latest album Drones.


Fifty Shades Darker ($4,99) is the sequel of the popular Fifty Shades of Grey from E.L. James. You can read how Anastasia starts a new life in Seattle, without Christian. However, she cannot seem to forget him. Are you more interested in thrillers? Stephen King's A Good Marriage ($4,99) is a daunting story about a marriage full of secrets.

Buy new items with a Google Play Gift Card

Above you find some suggestions from the more than 1.5 million applications and other products you can find in the store. Besides the mentioned categories, you can also buy magazines and papers in the category Newsstand. Do not wait any longer and redeem your codes in the Play Store or buy a Google Play Gift Card!

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