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Have you been using these Google Play features yet?

New apps are added to the Google Play Store every day. Alongside the wide range of apps that Google Play offers, Google also wants you to easily navigate within the Google Play Store. That is why new features are added to the Play Store frequently. The most recently added ones are especially interesting for parents. If you like to stay up to date, we’ve summed up three of these new features for you.

Playgiftcard.com summed up three new Google Play features for you.

Google Play Family

The Google Play Store has added several family-friendly features. A great example is the Family section, which makes it easier for parents to choose age appropriate Google Play apps for their children. If you have younger kids, you might want to use Parental Control. This optionl has been available for a while, but a lot of users are not aware of its existence or simply do not know how to use it. Thanks to Parental Control, parents can deny their children access to some apps in the Google Play Store. Parents can choose to filter games, movies, tv shows and other Google Play Apps based on reviews.

There is a Google Play manual for parents in the Parent Guide. This manual explains exactly how you can use Parental Control.

Trustworthy Apps

Another good addition is trustworthy apps, available on your mobile phone. Tap on the hamburger icon (☰) to open the navigation menu and tap ‘People’. If you have added friends to your account, this feature shows you which Google Play apps your friends use. This way you can find trustworthy content, because you can only see the apps your contacts have already tried and approved.


The Wishlist is a feature that helps you keep up with movies, music and books you are interested in. With the Wishlist you can find everything you thought was interesting, but wanted to check out later. You only have to swipe over the navigation panel once and click on Wishlist to see what you have added.

Discover the latest features in the Google Play store and enjoy the Google Play apps in ways you never thought were possible! Do you want to purchase a new app? You can buy your Google Play Store Credit here.

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