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How to download a Google Play app in the Play Store

When you buy or receive a Google Play Gift Card, you obviously would like to spend it. In the Google Play Store you can choose between countless apps, music, movies and books. You might already know what you would like to buy. But what happens if you have no idea how to actually buy the product? That is exactly why we wrote this news item. Find out how to download Google Play apps with your Google Play Gift Card on your computer or Android device.

If you do not have a Google Play Gift Card, you can buy one on Playgiftcard.com. Simply choose the amount you would like, fill in your email adress, choose a payment method and place your order. Are you not sure how to redeem your gift card? Please read the redeem instructions. Also remember that you need a Google Wallet and Google account to buy anything in the Google Play Store. Visit wallet.google.com to sign up. Now lets start with the instructions, based on the assumption you have succesfully redeemed your Google Play Gift Card in the Play Store.

Buy Apps in the Play Store on your computer

Sign in to the Google Play Store app
In order to shop in the Google Play store on your computer, you need to connect your Google account to your Android device. The first step is to use your Android device and sign in to the Play Store app with the account you also use on your computer.

Download an app in the Play Store to establish a connection
Your next step is to find an app and download it using the Play Store app on your Android device. This is just to establish a connection, so you might as well choose a free app. Once the download is finished, your Android device will be connected to the account you use on your computer. Within minutes you can download apps from your computer onto your Android phone or tablet.

Go to the Google Play Store and choose the app you wish to download
Now it is time to use your Google Play credit and find the app you really would like to download. Visit the app store website, play.google.com/store. On the left side you can choose between ‘Apps’, ‘Movies & TV’, ‘Music’, ‘Books’, ‘Newsstand’ and ‘Devices’. Choose ‘Apps’. This is the App shopping area where you can browse between apps in all kinds of categories, like ‘Top Selling’, ‘Top New’ and ‘Top Grossing’. Or go to a specific category like photography or sports. If you already now which app you would like to download, use the search box.

Download the app you chose in the Play Store
Did you find your app? Click on the green ‘buy’ button. A pop-up window appears. Below the information about the access your app needs, you can see the devices that are connected to your account, including the device you just added. Click on ‘Continue’ and a new pop-up window appears. Choose ‘Google Play-balance’ in the drop-down menu and buy your app! The amount you paid will be automatically deducted from your Google Play-balance. After a succesful purchase you will receive a confirmation via mail and the download will start on your Android device.

Buy Apps in the Play Store on your Android device

Another way to buy an app is to use the Play Store app on your Android device. Just open the app on your phone and choose the‘Apps’ button at the top of the screen. This will take you to the shopping area where you can search for an app in the same way you do on your computer. Choose a category or check out ‘Top Selling’ and ‘Top Grossing’ lists.

Download the app you chose in the Play Store app
Start by tapping on the app you would like. A new screen with information appears, including a green button with the amount of money it will cost you to buy the app. Tap on that button and a pop-up will appear. If you accept the access your app needs, tap on ‘Accept’ followed by ‘Continue’. Choose ‘Google Play-balance’ as a payment method and confirm your purchase. Your Google Play-balance will be updated immediately. Now the app will be downloaded onto your Android device!

As you can see, whether you buy an app on the computer or on your android device, the actual purchasing processes are alike. Buy your Google Play Gift Card today and start shopping!

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