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Livestream games with Youtube Gaming

Gaming is not something you do alone. Millions of gamers use their console, computer or mobile device on a daily basis. Thanks to different multi-player options you can find many of those gamers online and share your game experience.

But sometimes you do not just want to talk to fellow gamers. What do you do when you immediately want to share the progress you have made during your game? Whether it is online or offline, singleplayer or multiplayer.

The answer is easy: livestream! The newest platform called YouTube Gaming, allows every gamer to easily start streaming. That includes you.

Sharing and watching online game video’s on YouTube has been popular for years. It allows gamers to share their successes. Not only that, what if there is a puzzle you cannot solve or a level you just cannot finish? Watching someone else’s video might help you get further.

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What is YouTube Gaming?

YouTube Gaming has been launched worldwide on August 26th. The purpose of YouTube Gaming is to connect gamers with their favorite games, with other players and the entire game culture - all in one central place. Over 25.000 games have their own page on the platform so you can easily find videos and livestreams. When watching a livestream you can chat live and, based on your viewing history, other gamevideos will be recommended. Another great feature is that you are able to add livestreams and games to your favorites. The benefit of doing this, is that you will receive a notification as soon as your favorite livestreamer starts streaming, or someone is livestreaming your favorite game.

Where can I find YouTube Gaming?

The YouTube Gaming app for Android and iOS is already available for residents of the US and UK. If you would rather use YouTube Gaming on your computer, visit the web portal on gaming.youtube.com.

How can I start streaming?

If you are using the web portal, streaming is not that difficult. Simply click ‘Go Live’ in the menu on the top right corner. You can choose to upload a video or start streaming yourself. Click ‘Go Live’ once again and you will end up on the Creator Studio page, specifically the Stream Now BETA option. Click ‘Get started’ and follow the steps. Remember that you need a YouTube account with a verified phone number to start streaming. You also need to download encoding software. The software ensures that everything you record gets captured!

Do not wait any longer and discover all the features Youtube Gaming has to offer!

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