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Six travel apps you definitely need!

It is July and that means it is (almost) time for the summer vacation. The moment many of us take the car or a plane to an exciting destination. Do you already have plans this summer?

Not everyone likes the same sort of holidays. Some people prefer to lie on the beach all day, while others would rather explore the whole city.

Whatever your plans may be, it is not always easy to prepare for your travels. That is why we have selected six great travel apps.

Start journey safely and well-informed!

1. PackPoint Premium packing list
Packing your suitcase is often one of the first barriers you have to cross. What do you bring along and what do you leave at home? This depends on the kind of trip you are going to make, of course. With the PackPoint app you can enter your destinations, length of stay and planned activities. The app will immediately produce a list with all the things you need for your vacation.

Six travel apps you definitely need selected by Playgiftcard.com2. FlightBoard
Are you taking a plane to your destination? Then it could be handy to download the Flightboard app. With this app you can keep a close eye on your flight information. Flightboard holds the flight information of more than 1400 airlines and over 3000 airports. This way you have all the information you need in one place so you can keep up-to-date about your travel plans.

3. City Maps 2Go Pro Offline Maps
Once you have arrived at your destination, you probably would like to explore it as soon as possible. However, the chance you will get lost - in an unknown city - is very high. But not with the City Maps 2Go! This easy and comprehensible app helps you get to the right place. A fun addition to the apps is the option to include popular tourist attractions. Add these to your map and save it so you can also use it offline!

4. Easy Currency Converter Pro
You can only fully enjoy your vacation after you are certain you do not have to worry about money. With this Currency app you know what the current exchange rates are and what everything really costs. No more questions about the real price, just use the converter!

5. Point It
Are you spending the holidays abroad? There is quite a big chance they speak another language there. Unfortunately, in some countries many people are not fluent in English, which can make it difficult to understand each other. With the Point It app you are fluent in every language! Just show them a picture to clarify what you want to say. You will find thousands of pictures of different categories such as Transport, Shopping and Food.

6. WeatherPro
Would you like to know what the weather will be like at your destination during your stay? With this weather app you will always have the latest forecasts at your demand. WeatherPro gives you detailed information about the weather of the coming two weeks. Thanks to up-to-date prognoses about the temperature, wind speed and humidity amongst other things, you will have the most current forecasts as possible.

This is only a small selection of the apps are available in the Google Play Store. You can buy these in a simple and fast way with a Google Play Card.

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