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The top 5 Android apps to start your spring!

It is the end of March, which means that spring has officially started. Lovely, waking up with the sun shining through your window. You can wear sunglasses again, go out without a jacket and enjoy the day a little more! In our opinion, this is the perfect reason to provide you with a list of Android apps so that you can enjoy spring even more.

Our Top 5 Android apps for this spring!

1. 7 Minute Workout Challenge
Get your body summerproof with the ‘7 Minute Workout Challenge’ app! This application consists of 12 effective exercises of 30 seconds each, so you can work that body. You can easily keep track of your goals and results via the app. Let the summer begin!

2. Smoothie Pro
Whether you are enjoying the weather in your garden or on your balcony, it is always better with a cold drink! You can drink a summer cocktail or a refreshing smoothie. With the Smoothie Pro app you get instructions on how to make these fruity drinks yourself!

3. TripIt Travel Organizer
Feel like going on vacation? With the TripIt Travel app it is very easy to plan your next journey! You can plan it and keep track of all the details. You can for example create (a) travel schedule(s), seek routes and weather forecasts and you can synchronize your plans with Outlook or Google Calendar.

4. Soundhound
Imagine this: you are listening to your favorite music while you are enjoying the sun. Sounds great right!? You can use the Soundhound app to stream music of your favorite artists. Don’t know the title or artist of a certain song? Just sing or hum it to the app and it will recognize it right away!

5. Kindle
Do you prefer books over music? Then you should download the Kindle app! With Kindle you have more than a million books, magazines and newspapers within your reach. You can easily search for e-books and you can even read the first chapter for free. The app also has an integrated dictionary.

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